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Asia Outlook

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Asia Outlook: Connecting Continents

The economies of Australia and Asia are becoming increasingly intertwined.

In an ever-globalised world, Australia is taking advantage of the enormous opportunities to trade with economic powerhouses across the Pacific, a trend which is underlined by the latest available figures released by Austrade.

The value of Australia's exports of goods and services surged by almost 15 percent year-on-year to $387 billion in 2017, while imports grew by seven percent to $377 billion over the same period.

Asia-Pacific alone accounts for a staggering 71 percent of this trading activity, growing an average by 6.5 percent a year over the past decade, a total jump of $253 billion in 10 years for those that prefer monetary sums.

Indeed, four of Australia's top five import and export partners are Asian nations (China, Japan, South Korea and India), with China alone responsible for $183 billion of trade in 2017.

It is for this reason that we at Asia Outlook wish to showcase more of what Australian enterprise has to offer both domestically and internationally on the global stage.

Already working with major organisations on the Asian continent, many with projects or presence in Australia, it is our intention to present the best of Australian business to our executive regional (and global) readership.

We are quickly expanding our readership directly into Australia as we continue to complete more projects with Aussie companies, providing the perfect platform for you to show your company's value and views to a business audience both at home and abroad.

This prospectus offers a glimpse into some of the work we have completed with organisations operating across a range of industries, from mining and manufacturing to healthcare and energy, all with ties to Australia and/or Papua New Guinea.

First up you will find an interview with Jarrod Hofmann, General Manager of Engineering at family business Hofmann Engineering - an enterprise now standing as one of Australia's most esteemed industrial players, its portfolio is extremely diverse, one such project being the firm's contract to manufacture a 22-metre slew bearing for a major space telescope being installed in the north of Australia by the national government.

We also showcase the shifting dynamics of the superyacht industry. Australia, on the doorstep of Southeast Asia (where demand is growing fastest), is challenging status quo that has been skewed towards the northern hemisphere for so long, and Echo Marine Group is leading the charge. Co-Founder and Director Mark Stathard, an industry veteran of 30-plus years, told us how eager he is to provide some healthy disruption to the sector.

Among our other examples on display here are features with mining EPC contractor Mondium, SIMEC Energy Australia and The Coffee Emporium, companies which are all thriving in their native Australian markets.

Finally, shortly before writing this introductory note I had the pleasure of speaking to Microsoft's Larry Nelson while he was waiting to board a flight from Brisbane to Singapore. As Regional General Manager for Education at the tech giant's Asia business, his remit covers the entire APAC region, including Australia.

If you would like your business to be next on our showcase reel, then do not hesitate to get in touch and tell us your story.

Tom Wadlow
Editorial Director