Puma Energy Papua New Guinea

Empowering SMEs, investing in individuals and infrastructure, and delivering a complete fuel solution to urban and rural communities alike, Puma Energy PNG continues to be a local socioeconomic stalwart

Belait Shipping

From philanthropy and charitable efforts to employee and enterprise empowerment, the local entrepreneurial success story that is Belait Shipping is helping to build a better future for the Darussalam

Chip Mong INSEE Corporation

CMIC brings a can-do attitude to Cambodian cement by assisting the country with quality products, community care and a local emphasis

DTEC Petroleum Group

DTEC Petroleum Group continues to serve the engineering and construction needs of major petroleum projects in Malaysia and elsewhere in the region and worldwide

Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd

GO is embodying Pakistan’s innovative spirit, advancing and expanding its O&G offering at rapid pace in order to better serve its beloved, growing network of local customers

Innovative Agro Industry

Innovative Agro Industry continues to drive developments across a wide variety of agricultural endeavours, providing PNG producers with vital commercialisation opportunities


Able to offer everything from broadband and cloud to telco and e-health solutions, Lintasarta is playing a leading role in the country’s rapid digitalisation

Mun Shung & Partners

Having arrived in Malaysia on a mission to prove a concept in 2011, Melvin Lim has enjoyed a remarkable growth story with Mun Shung & Partners

Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad (PNMB)

PNMB has been a Malaysian mainstay since 1888, the organisation now turning to digital solutions and private investment as ways to diversify from its traditional printing base

Retail Prodigy Group

Through its NIKE, TOMS and Timbuk2 brands, Australia’s Retail Prodigy Group is creating an engaging and seamless customer experience across multiple channels, a must in the modern retail world

Tawap Kamen Investment Group

TKI Group is helping to pave the way for Papua New Guinea’s resource-led development, backing major projects with exemplary service and unrivalled experience